Based on the Decree of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Dean of Universitas Brawijaya no:50A/UN10.8/SK/2012 about the Organizational Structure and Main Task in Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty Universitas Brawijaya is as follows :


Based on the Rector Decree no 077/SK/2013, the Head of Probolinggo Laboratory is: Dr. Ir. Arning Wilujeng Ekawati,MS

Duties and Functions :

Head of the Laboratory.

  1. Arrange the education, research, and community service activity in the laboratory. Construct the operational plan and laboratory development.

  2. Provide service for academicians for science development.

  3. Prepare the laboratory schedule.

  4. Coordinate every academic activities which are conducted in the laboratory.

  5. Do the coaching activity for laboratory members.

  6. Establish a cooperation with other parties in order with laboratory empowerment.

  7. Do the monitoring and evaluating activity as the availability of laboratory infrastructure and activity.

  8. Report the activities at least every semester to the Dean.

  9. Do the coordinating with lecturers of interest related to the science development and learning process.